Welcome to Heavenly Homes International….

Heavenly Homes International is empowering families with life skills, if you would like to know how we can help you please call our friendly team for a chat, we here at Heavenly Homes International believe in education so we have created a before and after school run for your children if you are not able to get your kids to school, we are a place of renewal and of resource for you.

We provide facilities to assist you with your laundry and provide classes on cleaning your home, cooking for your family on a budget, laundry and sewing, gardening and personal hygiene. We also have a veggie garden for families to enjoy.

Stay up to date with our Heavenly Homes International newsletter, go shopping on our eShop, join one of our regular class there is something for everyone. let us know how we can help, you are invited to our next Saturday morning drop-in-day. A great please to meet people and share ideas.

Thinking of becoming a Volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer to help out at Heavenly Homes International please contact us.